Trojan Electric Winch

Trac Lite Cruiser Electric Trailer Winch with Remote Control, 12V, salt water model. 

Free-wheeling launch, powered retrieval with the press of a button! For boats up to 24 ft. in length. Rolling boat weight: 10,000 lbs. Line Speed: 6 ft/min. Pulling capacity: 3,500 lbs.  Equipped with wired and wireless control. Auto-resetting circuit breaker and internal over-current protection, and utility light.

Includes 30' of 7/32" stainless steel cable and hook. Features in-slot carriage bolt mounting system. Plug-in remote control with 10' cable. Auxiliary manual hand crank. Battery cable to reach rear of vehicle. Contains additional corrosion protection, added UV inhibitors and stainless steel cable and hardware.

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